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Detectamet Dump Buggy Covers

Metal & X-Ray Detectable


These food grade detectable and non-detectable tote bin/Eurobin/Dump Buggy covers are available in up to five colors and are suitable for use in the food industry.

Available in rolls of 100 and 250, these covers effortlessly extend to fit 200/300 litre (400lb./600lb.) tote bins/eurobins/dump buggies, ensuring a snug seal that minimizes the risk of contamination.

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Detectamet recommend that all our detectable products are tested in the food factory/processing environment that they will be used. We want to help you make your processing environment the safest & most compliant it can be. To support this, we're pleased to provide samples for the vast majority of our Detectable Products.


Detectable: Detectamet's Metal Detectable & X-Ray visible dump buggy covers are specifically designed to be tear resistant with an enhanced thickness of 60 Micron (µm).

The food grade materials used are compliant to the EU/FDA regulations, for intended use in proximity with food processing, handling, and packing operations.

Non-Detectable: Detectamet's non-detectable tote bin covers are specifically designed to cover Tote Bin/Eurobin/Dump Buggies to prevent foreign body contamination.

The food grade materials used are compliant to the FDA/EU regulation, for intended use in proximity with food processing, handling and packing operations.

Our range of dump buggy covers provide food processing facilities with considerable benefits such as contamination prevention, , moisture/humidity control, robust hygiene and sanitation control, protection during transportation and compliance with Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) and HACCP frameworks.

  • Estimated shipping date of June 2024
  • Manufactured in the UK
  • Detectable Patent Pending US/UK/EU (UK 2405557.6, US 007130-000153)
  • Available in rolls of 100 & 250 sheets
  • Easily identifiable colors: blue, red, green, yellow and purple non-detectable (blue & yellow detectable, other colors available on request)
  • Suitable for 200/300 litre (400lb./600lb.) tote bins/eurobins/dump buggies
  • Length 830mm (32.67") , width 665mm (26.18") , gusset 95mm (3.74")
  • 38µm Non-Detectable (1.5 mils) & 60µm Detectable (2.0 mils)
  • Ideal for multi-temperature environments
  • Supports safe storage of ingredients
  • Recyclable cardboard core
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Pack QuantityRolls of 100 or 250
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DimensionsLength: 830mm (32.67’’) , Width: 665mm (26.18’’) , Gusset: 95mm (3.74’’)
Thickness: 38µm Non-Detectable (1.5 mils) & 60µm Detectable (2.0 mils)
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What do you get from Detectamet?

Detectamet’s product range offers you the best in detectability, made from a unique, patented polymer that contains the highest level of detectable additive, without compromising on durability, and manufactured from EU & FDA (Food and Drug Administration) food contact approved materials.

  • Unique polymer - contains highest levels of detectable additive on the market
  • A large selection of products comply with EU and FDA food contact regulations
  • Durable products - minimise risk of breaking and entering the food chain
  • Largest range of detectable products on the market
  • Colours - prevent cross contamination with nine strong, detectable colours available in many products. Blue, black, red, green, yellow, white, purple, orange and pink
  • Bespoke and custom products available on request
  • Branding/sequential numbering with in-house laser engraver/pad printer
  • Free samples available for most products
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